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Apr 30, 2007

Monday...seems like a good place to start

So today is the first day of the rest of my life. Seems kind of "Is this it?"

I spent a while this morning looking at random blogs, seeing what others are doing with the first day of the rest of their lives. I kept clicking next blog, again and again. Either it was in a different language, a teenager speaking in IM, porn, or techy stuff. Where are the regular people? Oh, did I mention the overachieving moms with the tons of baby pics? So I ended up on ebay. I am currently the high bidder on something I never should have bid on! Has anyone price graphic software lately? Lord! I have about 45 minutes until I find out. Honestly I hope someone else outbids me, I thought they would. I'm getting it at a great price but I didn't talk to Vinnie about such a major purchase. Yikes!

I also started a cross stitch project. We'll see how that turns out...Did I mention I'm not a 'cross-stitcher'?

Wish me luck!

Apr 29, 2007

I did it!!!

It's time for the resignation celebration!!!

Once everything exept one project had been removed from me, once again, I decided that the 'yo-yo, psycho boss' shit had to come to an end!! Working for that woman was like working for five different people all in the same body...She truly is the weirdest, most unstable person that I have ever seen or been around. She would be really nice for a few days and then here came Mr. Hyde again!

So I submitted my letter of resignation for two weeks from that day. Written in a very positive manner and very upbeat offering any help during the transition that may be neccesary. I even had Vinnie, my mom (who is a business guru), and two close friends (one is the staff director for a major medical center and the other owns a large insurance company with many employees) read the letter before submitting it to her. I had to make sure I hadn't inadvertantly slipped in anything negative or mean about her personally. It sounded great to all of them and they all felt I was doing the right thing.

Well, she flipped and said "then you need to go immediately" I said okay. I got downstairs and thought surely she means end of the day so that I can show the new girl in the office where some things are. I called to her office and said do you mean end of day or right now? She said right now! and hung up real loud. (I could hear it slam from my office) So I packed my stuff and left.

It's been kind of weird not going to work in the morning, when that's all I've done for so long. I was lost for the first couple of days. But my yard is now the best it has ever looked. I got a new laptop, updated my internet services at home and have a few projects in mind. I plan to stay at home as long as I can. I've already been offered four jobs since this happened. But I'm able to do this financially and right now I think I deserve to take advantage of it!

You know this means you will be hearing from me alot more often. My brain has to keep getting some type of stimuli. I plan to go explore and I will share what I can!!!

Apr 3, 2007