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Sep 15, 2006

How retarded can you get?

Don't get me wrong...Routines are good. But one little deviation and things go to hell in a handbasket.

I got up late this morning and it was downhill from there.

With the layout of my bathroom being the way it is, and hating clothes being on the floor...I always take off my gown and toss it on the toilet. (I grew up with a cat and because of that,I always close the lid.)

Well, in running late, I didn't after my morning trip to the powder room. Soooooo, when I took off my gown and tossed it over on to the toilet it went right in. DUH! Of course I can't just leave it and wait to deal with it later...It had to go immediately to the washing machine. I had to get it started so it would be finished in time to put in the dryer before I leave.

What did that do to my shower you ask. Well let's just say I had to step away from the water a few times, which really ticks me off.

I hope my day gets better than least it's Friday. Well that's really no consolation actually, because I have to work tomorrow morning at the Texas Heroes Day celebration up at Monument Hill on the Bluff. They have a reinactment and the whole nine yards...

Anyway, hope your day goes better than mine.

Sep 11, 2006

Ready or Not.....TADA!!!!

Okay...this is not my idea of good photography. I need some props to display the jewelry for a proper showing, but since there was such a demand for viewing...

Some of them are my more versitile necklaces that you can wear at many different lengths, depending on the outfit. I call them my 9 foot necklaces, some really are nine foot. These are just a few of what I've made. I have actually been making jewelry since I was in high school. Any time I had an outfit that needed accessories, I didn't buy them, I made them. All of these sets have an outfit that coordinates.

Click to enlarge...(if you want)

Tell me what you think...honestly...

RE: Jewelry

Apparently there are millions of people awaiting the photos of my latest jewelry pieces. I will try to take some photos this evening and post them.

Sep 9, 2006

Busy little bee

I've been keeping busy with work lately, I have alot going on there. My nights have been occupied with jewelry. I've felt creative lately and made 3 sets (necklace and earrings) this week.

I know not many people read this right now, so I haven't felt like I'm neglecting alot of people by staying away from my home computer. I just spend so much time at work in front of the screen that I'm a little tired of it by the time I'm home.

I just went and got some beer and stuff to cook for tonight...Can't miss my Horns playing. Our town is all abuzz with people in burnt orange. My friend is coming to watch the game with me. Not sure if we will win, but I'll try to yell loud enough for them to hear my in Austin...Hey, it's only an hour away!!!

Hook 'em Horns!!!!