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Jun 22, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

I know it isn't wednesday but I had to tell you about the one that I just had. You could say it was a red letter day on the calendar. I started the morning with a really high high and a really low low.

Vinnie called me from work and said that he won tickets to the Angels/Astros baseball game for that evening (really cool because we had already planned to go and got FREE tickets for way better seats than what we would have been able to get when we arrived). So we were really excited. Boomer's first ball game, as you can see I made a little slide show for your viewing pleasure. The baby loved it, he just sat and watched the whole game. It was great.

So, about that low low the same morning. My mom called. She had just left the courthouse and my parents were officially divorced. I had no idea that they were this far along. I thought they had discussed it...hell they've been discussing it for a few years. But, it's a done deal now. It's really kind of weird though. It's like I don't know what to say to my dad now. See, he's my adoptive father, not biological. And I was 12 when that happened. I know my biological father and have a relationship with him, so I have a few issues to work out.

Anyway, the day ended on a high note though. When we got home from the game, my precious little man used his potty for the very first time. Here's a picture of it. If you didn't want to see it I'm sorry, but, this is where I post personal stuff. I didn't say it would all be pretty. At least I didn't put up a pic of the first use!!
He was very excited when it played the songs for him!!! Yeah, baby boy!!! You're growing up so fast!!!

Jun 17, 2007

Making things again...

I know the word 'doily' instantly makes you think of grandmas. At least it does for me. But I saw an idea on making beaded ones and I had to try it. The directions were not helpful at all so I just went at it on my own and mine was waaaayyyyyyy better than theirs! Way better!

See for yourself...

It is about 9 inches across and took total about 7 hours to make. I sent the pics to my mom and she already has a special order put in. I called my dad for Father's Day and she had already sent them to him. He said, Your mom sent me the pictures of the doily you made, that's nice. I was like " good Lord news travels fast!!!" She hadn't had the picture for 10 minutes before I called him and she had replied to me, forwarded it to him and he had opened it and called her. Technology!!!

Jun 14, 2007

update on previous post...

Okay, so I posted before about the word verification I got when commenting on another sight. This is too weird...try to follow me on this.

My friend (who's blog the original w/v was on) left a comment on said posting regarding the humor. So I was going to say something in return by commenting back on his blog. When I did, this is the w/v I got that time...

Are you pure? Is a higher power speaking to me? Somehow testing me? I say this light-heartedly...but one has to wonder, what's really going?

Jun 12, 2007

Nothing in particular, just

Here are a few random thoughts...

I was shown just what a spoiled area I am in today at lunch. I was at a light that had four lane going each way. On my side of the intersection, I was in the third lane. In the first lane was a Porsche convertible, second lane was a mercedes convertible, in front of me was a BMW convertible and the fourth lane had a Brand new Jaguar. I wish I could have gotten my camera out fast enough. Madi would have loved to see that. If this were to happen in my small town back home, it would make the front page of the paper!

I saw a Pepsi delivery truck that had spinners on it. If you don't know what spinners are, they are the rims that people spend rediculous amounts of money on that make the car look like the wheels are still spinning once the car has stopped. See below. Normally the people who purchase these items are trying to be cool. Personally I think they are silly. Anywho, they were actually on a real Pepsi truck here in LA.

My absolute favorite song in the whole wide world is Escape by Rupert Holmes. I used to think that I knew the song when I was younger...which meant I could sing the chorus. But have you ever listened to all of the words? If you haven't, you need to. If you have, just listen again for old times sake.

Jun 11, 2007

Pardon your french...

Okay, I try to not have too dirty of a mind as I walk through life. But some things are just in your face. Like today, I'm commenting on my friend Mark's blog and the word verification pops up as always. And for some OCD reason, I always have to try to pronounce them or see if they are an acronym for something. So...It comes up and here it is...

What phrase does this sound like at first glance to you?

Jun 10, 2007

We had spaghetti for dinner

I just had to show you how my almost two year-old eats his isth-getti.
Don't you wish you could be this messy sometimes?

I just thought he was so cute. But only in the process of eating it. When he gets full and starts playing...that's a whole different ball game! I always have mixed feelings about making it because I know what a mess I will have to clean up. But he loves it so...I guess the little shit is worth it! Only cuz I love him so much!!!

Jun 9, 2007

This is home for now

Well, as it turns out, this suite will be our home for as long as we are here. I'll have to tske some picks to show you our luxurious home. (haha) As I was trying to fall asleep last night I thought of a really neat way to photograph our room to give you the Full Monty. I think I might try it today, to see if it works out.

It also seems that this is going to be a bit longer than expected and I'm at a loss for what to do. Vinnie came home yesterday and tells me that this job (that was supposed to be 6 to 8 weeks) might be 10 weeks. Okay, if it is 8 weeks then he was going to get a two week break and we were going to go on vacation with the kids. (like we're not already!) We would go home and he would come back for another 85 days. Then...whatever, on to the next job, blah, blah, blah...

Well, it seems that my sweetheart has done such a jam up job here, and impressed just the right people, that they love him. He came here to be an operator. Sit in the crane and move things. Now he's a foreman that escorts cranes around the plant, does lift plans and tells them how to set up. They want him to stay at least through the shutdowns they have planned through next spring. Uh, okay. This means if this job takes 10 weeks (like it looks), then no break. He will go straight to the next job here in the same plant and then the next one after that...that's supposed to be until next Springish. What do I do?

I've considered us staying here and letting the girls spend a year in California. I know Madi would love that...Little Miss "I don't want to move" says she would jump at the chance to stay here. I have no idea how custody would work though.

So we shall see. I have to go for now. I have a dog howling to go to the dog park!!

Jun 2, 2007

This is different

I have never experienced anything like this place. I'm a small town Texas girl. But not southern enough to have this much Mexican flavor. I LOVE IT HERE!!! I'll share some of the stuff I've been up to...

Riziki chillin' in the kitchen in the suite. This is one of her favorite spots.

The big man checking out the fish at the pet store when we dropped Riziki off at the Poochie salon. She got a massage and 30 extra minutes of brushing. Both of which I could use!

This is a place across the street from the hotel. I just love the name, so I thought I'd share! It's an ice cream, coffee and martini bar. All of my favorites!!

This is a perfect example of the haze over the town. Of course it is cloudy at the time too.

This is downtown LA. Looks just like any other downtown. Same asshole drivers :-)

Cool mural of basketball on the side of three buildings. There seem to be murals everywhere you turn!

These are the world's greatest quesadillas. I feel embarrassed of my own. They were so good, I wanted to hurt myself and eat all of them. But I couldn't...I gave them my all though!! We ate on the street in the Fashion District. It's amazing that this food came from a tiny hole in the wall. But the area smelled so good!! Below are Vinnie's tacos. This is exactly what they look like when he makes them. I could eat at this place everyday!!!

This is part of the Fashion district. I got so many great deals on purses, glasses, perfumes/colognes, CD's, shoes, clothes and toys. It's a-ma-za-zing! The pics don't do it justice though. You have to imagine the smells of fresh fruit and food vendors cooking in their pushcarts. And the loud sounds of people yelling out their low prices and bartering in english and spanish, reggae/tejano music blaring from different booths all along with the sounds of downtown. I just can't say enough what a great time we had. And came back with a huge loot!! When in Rome...
Check out the ta-ta's on this manniquin!

Another view of the streets.

And to wrap up the day, the best fruit parfait! Another little something from a street vendor. It was mango smoothie with canteloup, apples, bananas and topped with granola and strawberries. All in a 20 oz cup.
Well, Boomer's up from his nap. So, it's back to being a mom!!