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Jun 2, 2007

This is different

I have never experienced anything like this place. I'm a small town Texas girl. But not southern enough to have this much Mexican flavor. I LOVE IT HERE!!! I'll share some of the stuff I've been up to...

Riziki chillin' in the kitchen in the suite. This is one of her favorite spots.

The big man checking out the fish at the pet store when we dropped Riziki off at the Poochie salon. She got a massage and 30 extra minutes of brushing. Both of which I could use!

This is a place across the street from the hotel. I just love the name, so I thought I'd share! It's an ice cream, coffee and martini bar. All of my favorites!!

This is a perfect example of the haze over the town. Of course it is cloudy at the time too.

This is downtown LA. Looks just like any other downtown. Same asshole drivers :-)

Cool mural of basketball on the side of three buildings. There seem to be murals everywhere you turn!

These are the world's greatest quesadillas. I feel embarrassed of my own. They were so good, I wanted to hurt myself and eat all of them. But I couldn't...I gave them my all though!! We ate on the street in the Fashion District. It's amazing that this food came from a tiny hole in the wall. But the area smelled so good!! Below are Vinnie's tacos. This is exactly what they look like when he makes them. I could eat at this place everyday!!!

This is part of the Fashion district. I got so many great deals on purses, glasses, perfumes/colognes, CD's, shoes, clothes and toys. It's a-ma-za-zing! The pics don't do it justice though. You have to imagine the smells of fresh fruit and food vendors cooking in their pushcarts. And the loud sounds of people yelling out their low prices and bartering in english and spanish, reggae/tejano music blaring from different booths all along with the sounds of downtown. I just can't say enough what a great time we had. And came back with a huge loot!! When in Rome...
Check out the ta-ta's on this manniquin!

Another view of the streets.

And to wrap up the day, the best fruit parfait! Another little something from a street vendor. It was mango smoothie with canteloup, apples, bananas and topped with granola and strawberries. All in a 20 oz cup.
Well, Boomer's up from his nap. So, it's back to being a mom!!

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