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May 31, 2007

Call before you pack next time

Remember how I had said we were moving to a different hotel? Well, we didn't...and that's great. See, when we arrived on Sunday evening they only had space for us for two nights. We loved the suite and checked back with them on Monday to see if it was possible to extend...they said the were booked all through the month of June. This is why I love it here.

This is the layout of our suite, except there is a dividing wall between the pull-out couch and the bed. It's about three and a half to four foot tall and about seven foot wide.

So, Tuesday morning I'm packing like a mad woman, trying to get all of our crap packed just right back into the truck, by myself.

Not easy. Remember, the kid and the dog have to follow every step I make.

I breathlessly walk into the lobby to return the keycards and check out, a few minutes past check-out if I'd just run a race. The pleasant young man at the front desk asks how my stay was, I say "Wonderful, we hope to return to your establishment as soon as there are any available suites. We will be in the area for about two months and we wish this was our home while we were here." He says, "Let me check for cancellations real quick." Long story short. We will be here at least until next Sunday. At which time I am told I need to call before I pack the truck. By the way, as I was typing this, the temp outside was 56 degrees.

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