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Jun 10, 2007

We had spaghetti for dinner

I just had to show you how my almost two year-old eats his isth-getti.
Don't you wish you could be this messy sometimes?

I just thought he was so cute. But only in the process of eating it. When he gets full and starts playing...that's a whole different ball game! I always have mixed feelings about making it because I know what a mess I will have to clean up. But he loves it so...I guess the little shit is worth it! Only cuz I love him so much!!!


MarkD60 said...

Here's what I recommend for you. Cook a cornish game hen. Then eat the whold thing with no utensils or napkins.
And get real messy.
It'll make you feel good, like a wild cave woman!

MarkD60 said...

But do it when you're alone.