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Jun 22, 2007

Wacky Wednesday

I know it isn't wednesday but I had to tell you about the one that I just had. You could say it was a red letter day on the calendar. I started the morning with a really high high and a really low low.

Vinnie called me from work and said that he won tickets to the Angels/Astros baseball game for that evening (really cool because we had already planned to go and got FREE tickets for way better seats than what we would have been able to get when we arrived). So we were really excited. Boomer's first ball game, as you can see I made a little slide show for your viewing pleasure. The baby loved it, he just sat and watched the whole game. It was great.

So, about that low low the same morning. My mom called. She had just left the courthouse and my parents were officially divorced. I had no idea that they were this far along. I thought they had discussed it...hell they've been discussing it for a few years. But, it's a done deal now. It's really kind of weird though. It's like I don't know what to say to my dad now. See, he's my adoptive father, not biological. And I was 12 when that happened. I know my biological father and have a relationship with him, so I have a few issues to work out.

Anyway, the day ended on a high note though. When we got home from the game, my precious little man used his potty for the very first time. Here's a picture of it. If you didn't want to see it I'm sorry, but, this is where I post personal stuff. I didn't say it would all be pretty. At least I didn't put up a pic of the first use!!
He was very excited when it played the songs for him!!! Yeah, baby boy!!! You're growing up so fast!!!


MarkD60 said...

Sorry about your parents breakup.

I was expecting a pic of the actual turd. The catalog pic of the potty isn't too personal!

Kelli said...

Sorry to disappoint! :0)! I didn't think that would be personal, I would have called that one gross...and I would like to keep my friends and not scare everyone away with pics of poop. lol!!!

Cindy N. said...

Kelli, where are you. It's been almost a month since you posted. Did you take off to the Cayman Islands?