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Jul 27, 2006

Trail meeting photos

These were the weather conditions as we headed out into the woods. There is actually a river flowing through down there.
The old road leading us back into the pecan trees.
I thought this was neat where a vine had wrapped itself around a tree and the tree has grown around it.
One of the views of the Colorado river from the deer runs.

A Passion flower in a clearing. There were many growing wild. One of natures more ornate flowers. It's actually a little more purple in color, but it was such a gray day. I don't know if you can see the vine behind it but it's a beautiful fuschia color.


MarkD60 said...

It's good to see pics of the woods. Humans are destroying too much.

Restless Me said...

That's why we went. So we can at least preserve this part. It's unfortunate that there is a sizeble portion about two miles down the river that a developer wants to by...$7 million. Money speaks louder than history & preservation.