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May 18, 2007

Here something cool...

I am a fan of the reality show Survivor. Not a crazy fan but I have rearranged schedules to follow about four of the seasons. The most recent 'Fiji' was one of those.

I realized on the next to the last episode that one of the final five was a guy that dated my best friend in High School. No shit! I had this 'aha' moment while watching it and told Madi, "I know that guy!"

I have searched for my yearbooks and pics from high school which are all together in a box somewhere. I cannot find them...which really worries me, for reasons other than this. But my sophomore yearbook says, "Trina loves Boo" all over it!! I called Trina, who had not watched any of the show and she tuned in for the last one. She was so surprised! It was definitely him.

I have pictures of him, he was a really cool guy back them, and I had a huge crush on him, But Trina was the beautiful, dim-witted blonde bombshell and I was her cute, funny, but smart, brunette friend.

I just thought this was all too cool, I had to share.

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Cindy N. said...

Wow Kelli, that is too cool. I am a diehard Survivor fan myself. I don't think I have ever missed an episode even if I had to tape it to watch it. Thank you for the comment on my blog. It helps to know people care. I haven't gotten the results yet, but will post when I do.