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May 1, 2007

The new girl in my life

I always heard blondes have more fun. I just had to show off my new running buddy. She's so perfect it's crazy. I put a pick of her on my other blog but I wanted to share here too. This is Momma's girl and wherever I go, Riziki goes.
On something else...I saw two Board Members at the grocery store this evening. They had no idea I was no longer at the Chamber. One of them told me I was glowing, that being away from my old boss was good for me, unfortunately she's making the Chamber look just as bad as she made me. Draining the lifeblood out. The second lady that I saw asked me a question about a meeting she had missed right after I left. She hadn't heard the news. She said, "Oh my gosh!! What are they going to do without you? You were the pulse, the driving force of that Chamber. Everybody knows that." She actually cried right there, which caused a few tears on my part. It made me feel good, the things they had to say. I was beginning the think I hadn't mattered to anyone. I haven't heard from anyone, like a calm before the storm, because they are keeping it hush, hush. Even on the radio shows, it is short and sweet. Nothing has been said about me being gone. Not that I want a parade, but Jesus, after all I did for them. This is what I get. A pointed boot in the ass on my way out the door. She will get her own someday, from what I was told earlier at the store, it may be sooner than we think.

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Excellent! it's a dawg!