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Jul 20, 2006

Well that didn't go as planned

So I finished and posted the last blog and had just begun the reinactment of this morning when the phone rings. Of course like a ding-dong I answer it. Called in to work.

But my called in to work isn't too bad. There's this guy from our county named Todd that's a singer and is really kick ass. He's about to go on his second European tour. Cute as can be, with a voice that makes your heart melt when he's singing a love song. He writes most of his own and they rival anything you hear on the big radio stations. He's like the next George Strait. I've helped his mom Betty out alot with publicity in our area. Totally blitzed everyone for the past week about his concert.

The phone call was my CEO...what are you doing? The music was too loud...she couldn't hear me. She keeps asking "where are you at...I'll come to you." She thought I was out there. I just really didn't feel up to it this evening. But she was so sweet on the phone. She says she has my seat reserved in the front row and some CD's and a shirt set aside for me. I told her I was in my pajamas. (now remember I know her really well...) She says, in a funny smart ass way, "I don't give a shit what your wearing...just get out here!!"

I put my clothes on and went, kinda glad I did. Had a good visit with him before he left the country. He's already played the Grand Ole Opry and has sang the anthem at Minute Maid Park in Houston before an Astros game.

I don't know if this job perk is a blessing or a curse. I'm pooped and going to bed!


MarkD60 said...

We'll see how you feel when you wake up this morning!
Maybe you can email me some MP3's?

Kelli said...

I slept in late too. The coffee is brewing as I'm typing, and I still have to jump in the shower. I'll see what I can do to get you some music.