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Aug 19, 2006

Sex and Ghosts

Last night was a wonderful success in the bedroom. He brought this little thing that works AMAZINGLY!!! The cost is low enough and it works so good that I am considering purchasing one for everybody I know. At least every woman. No one should live with out one of these things. I considered posting a picture of it because it looks innocent, but I don't know...what do you think? (Like someone reads this to answer)

Right now I am tidying up a little before I leave tonight. We have a couple of groups coming to have an overnight tour of our haunted jail and I'm the guide. It should be a lot of fun. I've had weird stuff happen to me up there, so hopefully they will find something. My office is located in the Old Jail (in case you didn't know that). In 1913 some people died in a flood trapped in the basement, 1932 a woman starved herself to death in her cell over 4 months time, and we have the original hanging rope for the county actually hanging from the ceiling in the room where the men's cells were. I have taken pictures in the jail and had what some people call orbs in them, but I always just thought it was dust or light. After a little explanation on two of the photos, and the way they had moved from frame to frame while I was not moving, I kind of think it might be something. Who knows...I'm just going to be open-minded tonight and have a good time. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow or Monday. Sancho might come back to stay again tomorrow.


MarkD60 said...

Yes post a picture, what the heck!

I just saw the movie where the psychiatrist is dead but doesnt know it.

MarkD60 said...

PS: You can put a counter on your blog, that way you'll know how many people don't read it!
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