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Jan 29, 2007

Mowin' the yard

This may not be anything to most people but it is to me. I have been married before and the purchases of yard equipment fell into the 'His' category. Well, those purchases all fell into the 'His' category in the divorce. So, since then I have just paid someone to take care of the yard. And now, I got tired of doing that. Being the strong independant women I am, I decided it was time to buy my on lawn mower.

I went mower shopping this weekend and purchased my very own. It is a nice machine, I am proud of it and myself.

I feel that I am getting older and more mature when I am excited by the purchase of a lawn mower (and the warranty it has).

That's really not such a bad thing.


MarkD60 said...

When I bought my house I got a new lawnmower, grass seed, fertilizer, the whole nine yards. I even had an underground sprinkler system. After a year or three, I quit all that stuff, and prayed for a drought so that it would die and I wouldn't have to mow it.

Restless Me said...

Hey!!! Don't burst my bubble! As I was mowing I thought to myself, I wonder if it's too early to put some weed & feed down...

MarkD60 said...


Maybe your neighborhood has a best lawn contest!