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Aug 14, 2006

Very Gross!!!!!

Every since I got back this weekend there has been this weird smell in my house. Yesterday I had it pinned down to the kitchen area. Now, I have a large kitchen, fit for entertaining, so that's not saying much that it was confined to that area. It still needed some research. This morning I sniffed around and though it might be coming from the pantry, maybe I had some potatoes go bad...Nope. I thought it might be the garbage disposal. The last thing I put down it was a lemon and some salt to clean it, so it wasn't that. This evening I got to sniffing around and zoned in to the stove. After much investigating and dismantling the majority of my stove (I mean I got out the power tools on that bad boy)...I discovered the dead mouse in my stove. How in the hell he got in there is a great mystery. I have a gas stove. It is not possible to lift the range top. I had to take off the front where the knobs are to get him out. I was totally grossed out and I don't know how I will overcome this nasty occurrence. I got physically ill from this, and it takes a lot to get me queasy. Cooking in my kitchen will be put off for a while. I have gone through and cleaned everything with clorox clean-up and then sprayed it all down with clorox hard surface spray. I am completely repulsed that there was a mouse in my home. I have no idea how I will sleep tonight.

It's times like this that I desperately need a man around. I would have had someone help me take care of the problem, then protect me from all of the other mice of the world. Maybe we could have had some great sex and it would make me completely forget about it all together.

Of mice & men.....
Why can't I have the men instead of the mice.

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